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Digital Health for Social Good

Online health information is filled with variations of the truth. 
We believe it should be filled with honesty.


The COVID-19 Prevention Series

Aerosols, ventilation & face masks: A blueprint

A face mask without good ventilation is like a syringe with only half the medication. We provide a quick breakdown of the evidence and how to optimize ventilation & face mask strategies to reduce COVID risks. 

Image Credit: Philippa Steinberg for the Innovative Genomics Institute.

Preventative health information online is distorted by commerical interests. At the same time, it is diluted by traditional health sources -
designed for an earlier, information scarce era.

Our aim is to disrupt diluted health information online.

Finding signal in the noise

We focus on high quality, actionable health insights systematically left out or diluted in the mainstream. 


User-centered research 

Our research focuses on intersections between digital health behavior and health action.


Local & Global Partnerships

We partner with organizations to design contextually appropriate digital health resources for communities with inconsistent access to traditional health resources. 


healthxwiki models do not provide information on how to treat or diagnose health conditions and is not a replacement for competent, quality medical advice from health providers.

Our aim is to enable people to strategically navigate health tradeoffs in a real world context-- with transparent, high quality health information online.  

Our mission includes disrupting two specific types of online health misinformation-- internal and external to the health industry. 

The first revolves around diluted health information from within the health industry, where health messages are designed for a previous information scarce era but consumed in the current information dense, digitally mature era.

The second revolves around distorted health information, driven by competing agendas, which consistently supersede better health outcomes. 

About Us

We are an interdisciplinary team with 20 years of experience
working on health, reproductive health & human rights issues in 15 countries throughout Africa, Asia & the Middle East. 

If you are interested in partnerships, please contact us

A project of vral health, inc., a not for profit organization